Wednesday, March 25, 2009


  • Diz month..i'm quite schedule for April almost full..hehehe..Next week, i'm going to Kedah for PBSM camping.This is National Level. Starts from 31 March until 5 April. 6 days actually..We as teachers need to bring the students..we are going there by school bus..Luckily our school has our own no need to drive because only 19 students will go. So the whole week i'm not in school. And the week is exam week for form 4 and i will give some exercise for my students when I'm not around especially for form 5 students.
  • Then my next activity is going to Kuala SM Teknik Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah..I will bring our school debaters for Inter Technic English Debate for state level starts from 15 until 19 April..for 5 days..Actually it is anually competetition..every year the competition will be held in different technic school in Pahang. we have 10 technical schools in Pahang. And the winner from Pahang will go to the next round for National Level to compete with other technic school all over in Malaysia. Actually, last year performance..the debate team from SEMENTA is the winner for Losers Pool..hehehehe..
  • Lots of activities will be queued up..and beginning of May, I'm going to Singapore..hehehehe..this is our school trip. I got the passport and I'm ready to go..hehehe..This time we are going to bring all the school prefects..Well..this is quite enough for me..but i'm a bit jealous and dissapointed because i have no chance to go to Shen Zheng, China (they will go to Disneyland also) for becoming this school break on Jun.. Also my school trip..I really need to go there but I didn't get my hubby's permission..well, hubby is the number should listen to him..ngengengeee..


amane9898 said...

tau xpe.kalau hubby 1st.huhuhu